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With the Myo Business Jump Start program you’ll learn how to:

Lay the correct foundations so your business is legally sound & protected
Navigate billing, insurance, and payment challenges
Avoid common pitfalls many new myofunctional providers make when they’re just beginning
Create a brand that stands out from the crowd on a shoestring budget that doesn’t break the bank
Customize templated marketing materials for referrals and educating other professionals
Write reports, keep records, and sequence follow-up so you stay organized and HIPAA compliant
Market online and in-person to professionals and the public to build your practice with the right referrals

What’s Inside Myo Business Jump Start

The Myo Business Video Series (Value $1997)

Inside this 6-module video series, you’ll follow along step-by-step as you build your new myofunctional therapy business from the ground up.
Take a look at what we’ll cover together:


Setting Up
Business Branding
Education Materials
Reports & Records

Myo Business Group Coaching (Value $1997)

The week after each module release, join both Joy & Susie on a focused Zoom meeting to deep dive into each topic, get all your questions answered, see further examples, and work through your individual challenges so that you never feel “stuck” in business again. With two successful, seasoned orofacial myofunctional therapy business owners at your disposal, you’re truly never alone in this – we’re here to guide you every step of the way!

BONUS: Private Facebook Community + Alumni Group (Value $997)

You’ll never again feel alone in your business journey! This is a positive, supportive, private community of like-minded therapy providers from all over the United States, facing similar challenges along their way. This group is an opportunity to get help, ask questions, get feedback, track your progress, & celebrate your wins not only with Joy & Susie, but with other professionals as well! The hive-mind and friendships formed are often just as valuable as the program content itself! Can we even put a true value on that? It’s priceless!

BONUS: Lifetime access to all course materials & future updates!
(Value $497)

You heard that right – even after our 12 weeks together, you will have 24/7 access to all course materials, videos, PDFs, lectures, group call recordings & replays, and ANY NEW course add-ons for FREE…for life!

DISCOUNT on Website and Social Media Services

Professionally Designed with the Myofunctional Therapist in mind! Myo Web Design has worked with hundreds of myofunctional therapists. The importance of a website for your business cannot be overstated. By having an online presence through your website, you are able to reach more people. The more people you reach online, the more opportunities you have to grow your business.

3 Monthly Zoom Alumni Calls (Value $397)

We don’t leave you hangin’ after the course is done! For 3 months after you complete the program, we’ll host monthly Alumni calls to make sure you are experiencing continued business success, answer any questions that come up, and help guide you on your next steps as your business grows!

Meet the Team at Myo Business Jump Start

Susie Quaranta, RDH, BS, COM®

● RDH for 26 years
● Practicing orofacial myology since 2016
● Owner of private practice MY-OL-O-GY Orofacial Therapy

“As a colleague of Susie Quaranta for several years I am delighted to recommend her to patients and other professionals. I observed as she diligently prepared herself to be a therapist for decades even while working as a dental hygienist. Her bedside manner is that of a seasoned, experienced veteran. Susie’s passion for her education and field of study is contagious. I have always known her to continually strive to expand her knowledge and experience. Susie is quite possibly the warmest, nicest, most genuine and dedicated colleague that I have met in many years. As a patient of hers I can attest that I achieved tremendous results and would not hesitate to refer to her or rely on her expertise in sharing her gifts and knowledge with others.”

-Dr. Thomas Fastiggi, Wilton Chiropractic

Joy Lantz, RDH, COM®

● RDH for 22 years
● Practicing orofacial myology since 2016
● Owner of private practice Oral Function Specialties

“Joy is a well-respected Certified Orofacial Myologist with a special interest in pediatrics. Through her participation on the board of directors of the International Association of Orofacial Myology, Joy has demonstrated a commitment to advancing the field of orofacial myology. She began her journey into orofacial myofunctional therapy by learning from several of the premier educators in the field, and she uses her real-world experience to create unique and customized treatments for her clients. Joy keeps up-to-date on the latest research and other information to continually provide her patients with top-notch level care. I have no doubt her teachings reflect the knowledge and experience that she has amassed over the years, which is invaluable.”

-Alyssa Stiles, RDH

Four years ago, we were you. We leaned on each other as we googled, trial & erred, and forged our paths forward, unclear about what lie ahead. Fast forward to now.

We’ve both:
● Quit our clinical dental hygiene jobs & went full-time in successful myofunctional private practices
● Mentored RDH’s looking to start private practices of their own
● Successfully treated hundreds of myofunctional therapy patients

See What Others Have To Say!

“Susie Quaranta has been an amazing Mentor in helping begin my journey as a myofunctional therapist. I found her name through the IAOM and noticed she practiced locally. Although nervous, I took the chance to phone her in hopes of getting help and guidance. Well, she was amazing and went above and beyond to help an absolute stranger. She was so patient, kind, and willing to answer any question I had. Susie helped me to take the necessary steps to become a Certified Orofacial Myologist.. I am still on my path & she continues to be my support through this new phase in my life. I am truly grateful to have found such an incredible mentor who has given me the encouragement & direction I needed to pursue this career. Thank you Susie!!”

Sara Marotta, RDH
Joy cultivates collaborative relationships with colleagues. She is skilled at educating our mutual patients about a variety of myofunctional issues. Joy is successful at influencing patients to proceed with therapy and help them reach our common goals.
Dr. Catherine Murphy, In Harmony Orthodontics
Susie is one of the most caring people I have had the pleasure of knowing over the years. She is a person who loves helping and mentoring people in any way that she can. We met in a class we took to earn our bachelor’s degree and a friendship has evolved from that, one that I cherish dearly. She had patience, love, kindness and goodness to offer anyone who works with her. She loves to see people succeed.
Jane Weiner, BS, RDH
Joy has been a mentee, a fellow colleague and a friend who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for the past eight years. For the last 4 years, she has grown a successful private myofunctional practice. Joy is effective in coaching and treating patients. Anybody who has the pleasure of meeting and working with Joy would see her ease in both educating and guiding patients through treatment. I highly recommend Joy both to patients who have myofunctional disorders as well as other professionals who could collaborate and learn from her.
Kimberly Benkert, RDH, BSDH, MPH, COM, FAADH

I met Joy & Susie when they took a program of mine earlier this year, where I got to know their businesses, their personalities, and their presentation styles. Having previewed the content of their Myo Business Jump Start program and knowing them on both a personal & professional level, I can confidently recommend this course to any RDH looking to competently, efficiently, and ethically lay solid business foundations for an orofacial myofunctional therapy private practice. Joy & Susie work together like a well-oiled machine, and any student of theirs is going to be blown away by the level of detail, commitment, & ease of use of this program. To anyone who thinks they could benefit from this course, I can tell you – you’re in for an absolute treat.”

Brooke Pettus, RDH, Business Strategist
Susie completed her BS Degree with us and was an exceptional student. She is a dedicated Certified Orofacial Myologist who has mentored many RDHs interested in learning more about the field. Her online business course for RDHs will be an amazing opportunity for those wanting their own business.
Trisha O’Hehir, MS, RDH, O’Hehir University
I’ve known these two ladies for quite some time, and they started their successful orofacial myofunctional therapy businesses from the ground up. They are both honest, business savvy, and caring individuals who know first hand what it takes for RDH’s who are
starting their own business to see success outside of the clinic. Joy & Susie are truly MYO stars.
Chris Zombek, RDH, COM

Ready to Jump Start your Myo Business?

Act Now! Enrollment ends next week!

This introductory offer has limited seating, and enrollment ends Sunday, November 15, 2020. Class starts on Monday, November 16, 2020. With all the money and time you’ve invested in your training, it’s time to see the fruits of your labor in the form of treated patients through your orofacial myofunctional therapy business. The more successful you are in business, the more patients you can help, and the more OMD’s you can help eliminate. Let us help you make 2021 the year you make your business dreams a reality!

“I’ve known these two ladies for quite some time, and they started their successful orofacial myofunctional therapy businesses from the ground up. They are both honest, business savvy, and caring individuals who know first hand what it takes for RDH’s who are starting their own business to see success outside of the clinic. Joy & Susie are truly MYO stars.”
-Chris Zombek, RDH, COM

I’m Ready To Jump Start My Business!

Myo Business Jump Start:

  • The Myo Business Video Series (Value $1997)
  • Myo Business Group Coaching (Value $1997)
  • BONUS: 3 Monthly Alumni Calls (Value $397)
  • BONUS: Private Facebook Community + Alumni Group (Value $997)
  • BONUS: Lifetime access to all course materials & future updates! (Value $497)
  • DISCOUNT: Website and Social Media Services

Total Value: $5,885

Introductory Price: $997 (save $194)

Or three payments of $397

Frequently Asked Questions

Content will be released inside the private Facebook group every other week starting November 16. Additionally, we will meet the alternate weeks on a group Zoom call to review the accountability checklists and answer any questions you may have .

Once the content is released, you will be able to watch it on your own schedule. We give you an entire week to watch each module to prepare for the Zoom call.

You will start to make progress from the first week. We will guide you step by step.
No. We will have an introductory video to walk you through the Facebook group and how
to find the modules.

We will show you options on do it yourself, spend a little and then how to grow and scale your business.

Any RDH that has had myofunctional training.

No, content will be dripped each week.

No, all information is proprietary. Any RDH that we work with gets one on one answers for their particular issues. Also, as a student of our class, you will get to be in our exclusive Facebook community for further support.

Spring 2021. However, it will not be offered again at this introductory price.

You will get support throughout the full 12 weeks of Myo Business Jump Start. We will meet for biweekly Zoom calls as well as three additional months of mentoring after the class ends. If you have any other questions we can help you with, please email us at

I’m Ready To Jump Start My Business!